Shrewsbury EVENTS
April 4th 11th 25th Physio Sessions 5th Branch Natalie Mincher-Locket Talk on swallowing 7th Theatre Severn EVITA 13th & 14th Collections at Market Hall 12th & 26th Speech Training May 2nd 9th & 23rd Physio Sessions 3rd Musical Afternoon 10th & 24th Speech training 11th & 12th Collections at Tesco Market 16th Committee Meeting June 6th 13th & 27th Physio Sessions 7th Branch Membership Road show (membership department) 11th to 15th Branch Holiday 14th & 28th Speech Training July 4th 11th & 25th Physio Sessions 5th Malcolm Parker (Wills) 12TH & 26TH Speech Training 18th Committee Meeting 19th Day Trip (as yet a Mystery) any Ideas August 2nd 8th & 22nd Physio Sessions (owing to holidays may only be 2 sessions) 3rd Branch Amanda Smith Move More Free 9th & 23rd Speech Training Note-All Physio Sessions are at 3pm and Speech Training Sessions are at 2pm at Harlescott Social Club