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Shrewsbury Branch NEWSLETTER
Our mission is the conquest of Parkinson’s and the alleviation of the suffering and                                       distress it causes, through effective research, education, welfare and communication  We meet at the Harlescott Social Club, Roselyn, Harlescott, SY1 4LP on the first Thursday of the month at 2.15 pm
KEY CONTACTS Fred Jones Shrewsbury Branch Chair 01743 872 597
Dear Members Well it’s been quite a year! As we watched the news of Coronavirus in China, little did we know how much it would change our lives in 2020. We operated normally until February but in March, anxiety slowly crept in, people started to avoid meetings and we just about managed to get our AGM done in time. Then it was lockdown and shielding. In August/September, the number of infections had gone right down and we gave some thought to restarting the meetings and classes at the club. However, the risk assessments to be undertaken and measures to be implemented were bewildering. When consulted, Branch members were understandably very hesitant about returning to the club and the decision was that classes would continue on Zoom. With the second wave and second lockdown, it looks unlikely that we shall meet until springtime. It has been very hard for most people, and especially for those living alone. We would like to thank you all for keeping in touch with each other and offering your support whenever you can. We are mindful of all those who have lost loved ones at a time when visiting has not been possible for families and friends. Let us hope that the season of Christmas brings some comfort and renewed hope as the vaccine starts to be rolled out. Our local hospitals are amongst the first fifty to roll out the vaccination programme and as you read this, those of us over eighty might already have been contacted to receive a first dose. Wishing you a Merry, albeit quieter Christmas, and hopefully a New Year that will be more Happy, as we leave the present situation behind us. Best wishes to you all, Fred Jones, Chair and the Branch Committee Christmas quiz Here’s a little festive quiz to pass the time. Solve the anagrams to make a word normally associated with the Christmas season: 1. MMIOTNEAP 2. TTEEIMOSL 3. LIDUYEET 4. TRAMSCISHGUNDIPD (9,7) 5. TANIEODROCS 6. REDIRENE 7. SAOCRL 8. SENERPTS 9. SICINEMPE (5,4) 10. MANYHOAG