Shrewsbury NEWS 2
Fundraising News We have not been able to do much fundraising this year, but some members have organised virtual coffee mornings, and sold items on the internet. Other monies have been received from generous donations, and from families who have lost loved ones. The Christmas Card Shop brought in several hundred pounds. Only one person replied to the December Christmas Quiz. All her answers were correct, but she kindly declined the prize and so the bubbly remains for another time! A big thank you to everyone for their support. It really does all help and we are grateful for your generosity. We will be looking for ideas (new and old) for fundraising when things get a bit more back to normal. Charities have taken a real knock last year and we need to redouble our efforts to fundraise for researching the causes and of finding a cure for Parkinson’s. Shrewsbury Branch Annual General Meeting Our 2021 Annual General Meeting has been cancelled - the next one will be held in March 2022. Please see separate notice for full details. Parkinson’s Nurse Unfortunately we have no further news regarding the appointment of a second Parkinson’s Disease Nurse by Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust. Summer Holiday 2021 With no clear advice from the Government around booking holidays, and with some members asking for their deposits back, Chair Fred has cancelled this year’s booking. All deposits will be returned. If things improve enough, there could be the possibility of a Tinsel and Turkey in November/December 2021, but otherwise the holiday will be June 2022. We need a good number of people interested to justify the cost of hiring the coach with lift and to get a good discount from the hotel. Virtual classes Don’t forget, Sandy is still running online Physio classes via Zoom every Wednesday at 3.00pm. These classes are well attended, with approx 10 -13 participants each week. If you would like to join, please ring Fred who will arrange for Sandy to contact you. And on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 2.00pm, our Speech and Language Therapist Natalie runs a virtual Speech and Language Therapy Group. Each session has a different topic, with the main aim to improve and maintain voice quality. Again, please contact Fred if you would like to join the class. To leave you with a chuckle… A man is sitting in his lounge, just looking outside his window when two men appear in the street. The first man starts to dig a hole about 3 feet round and 2 feet deep. Then he goes another fifty yards down the road, digs another hole, then moves down another fifty yards and starts again. At this point a second man appears and fills in the first hole, then the second hole and this carries on down the street. Curiosity getting the better of the man watching, he goes outside and asks the first man ‘What is going on?’ The man replies “Usually we are a three- man team, but the third man is off sick today and he is the one who plants the trees” ...... And finally Fred’s thoughts... Do not let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do.