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We would ask you to please: Use the hand sanitisers provided at the entry point and throughout the venue, and the soap and hand dryers in the toilets. You should bring your own sanitiser, should you need to use it during the class. Bring your own drinks/biscuits, and also your own equipment for the therapy sessions. Wear a mask when walking to your table/chair to respect the personal space of others. Come with a family member or carer if you need assistance getting to your place or help during the class. We will: Open doors and windows wherever possible to help ventilation. Position the chairs in a way that makes it safest for participants. Keep a record of attendees and contact details for tracing purposes, in line with current procedures. No-one should attend the class / meeting if they have symptoms of Covid-19. As many of our members have complex health issues, we also ask that you do not attend if someone in your household has Covid-19. We would like to hear how you feel about returning to face-to-face activities, and your views on the suggested measures above. You can phone, write or email us, whichever way is best for you but please do get in touch - see below for contact details . The Branch is run for all of us - we really appreciate your contribution and will try to address your concerns. Your opinion matters. Please do contact us as soon as possible. We know that to some members these measures may seem a bit extreme, but to others they may not seem enough. It is a difficult balance and we need your help to get it right. The measures will be regularly reviewed and hopefully as the number of infections decrease, we will feel comfortable to relax some of these restrictions. A few support groups have sadly folded during the pandemic. There might be many reasons for this; added paperwork, more responsibilities on the shoulders of organisers, stress or declining health of volunteers - but many hands make light work. With this in view, we would welcome new volunteers and highly encourage present members to put their names forward to sit on the Branch Committee. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you. Fred and the Shrewsbury Branch Committee Contacts: Fred Jones, Shrewsbury Branch Chair 14 Castle Road, Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury SY3 0NF Telephone: 01743 872597 Email: Marie Martial, Shrewsbury Branch Secretary Email:
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